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I am Stefanie Tapley. I have been a ​performing musician and vocalist ​since 2001. I have been teaching ​since 2012. I am passionate about ​helping individuals of all ages and ​skill levels achieve their vocal ​goals. My experienced instruction ​offers personalized voice lessons ​that focus on technique, ​performance, and overall ​musicianship.

why take

voice lessons?

Whether you are an aspiring professional singer or simply ​looking to improve your singing ability, voice lessons can ​be incredibly beneficial. Here are just a few reasons to ​consider taking voice lessons:

  • Develop proper technique: Proper vocal technique is ​essential for singing without strain or injury. Our ​instructors can teach you how to use your breath, ​posture, and resonance to produce a healthy and ​beautiful sound.
  • Build confidence: Many people feel nervous or self-​conscious when singing in front of others. Voice ​lessons can help you build confidence in your abilities ​and overcome any performance anxiety.
  • Expand your repertoire: Learning new songs and ​genres can be a fun and rewarding experience. Our ​instructors can help you explore different musical ​styles and expand your vocal range.
  • Improve your overall musicianship: Voice lessons can ​also help you improve your ear training, music theory, ​and sight-reading skills. These are valuable tools that ​can help you become a well-rounded musician.

My approach

I believe that every student is unique and ​deserves a personalized approach to their ​vocal training. I take the time to understand ​your individual goals, strengths, and areas for ​improvement. From there, we develop a ​customized lesson plan that is tailored to ​your specific needs.

Our lessons focus on developing proper ​technique, as well as building your ​confidence and musicianship. We use a ​variety of exercises, scales, and repertoire to ​help you improve your singing ability and ​reach your goals. I also provide constructive ​feedback and support to help you overcome ​any challenges you may face along the way.

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"My two daughters take piano and voice from Stefanie. They ​both come home every week giggling and excited to practice ​and to return the following week. My oldest who has never ​played piano her whole life came home after four lessons and ​can already play two of her favorite songs! I was shocked. ​Stefanie is an excellent Teacher and great with my kids. I would ​recommend her any day of the week."


"I've been a student for a few years now and she has definitely ​helped me more than any other vocal coach I've had. She knows ​how to help choose songs specifically for my voice and my ​range and helps with technique for audition songs."


"Stefanie is a great vocal coach, she has done wonders with my ​voice. Not only do I sound much better, she has taught me the ​correct way to sing so I don't damage my vocal cords. She is for ​sure one of the best vocal coaches I have worked with and trust ​me I've had several! I highly recommend working with her, you ​won't regret it."


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*Voice lessons for all students of Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Richardson, Murphy, Wylie, Sachse. ADA accessible. ​Minimum age requirement for lessons is 8 years old due to developmental expectations and attention span.